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The Land Code contains undertakings by Lines Companies for fair and reasonable dealings with Land Owners and Land Occupiers. It sets out standards of behavious Land Owners and Land Occupiers can reasonably expect from Lines Companies.

At Electra you can contact Mark Branagh on 06 367 6116 or by e-mail at

Electra is an electricity lines company, sometimes referred to as a network lines company. As such, we’re responsible for all the lines, poles, transformers and zone substations that transport electricity to your house or business. We don’t supply or sell electricity to your premises.

Electricity retailers supply and sell electricity to your premises. Electricity retailers use the power lines owned by companies such as Electra to transport electricity to consumers.

Your electricity retailer sends you your electricity bill. That bill includes a fee for the Electra’s line charge.

Consumers can choose which energy retailer they purchase their electricity from.

Most energy retailers currently use Electra lines to transport electricity to households and businesses in the Kapiti/Horowhenua. They are:

  • Contact Energy
  • Ecotricity
  • Electra Energy
  • Electric Kiwi
  • Energy Online
  • Flick Energy
  • Genesis Energy
  • Globug
  • King Country Energy
  • Mighty River Power
  • Meridian Energy
  • Nova
  • Opunake Hydro
  • Pioneer Energy
  • Plus Energy
  • Power Shop
  • Prime Energy
  • Pulse
  • Simply Energy
  • Switch Utilities
  • TrustPower

Many contractors have appropriate equipment for locating underground services.  You can contact Electra’s contracting division on 0800 353 2872.  They have qualified personnel to detect and mark (usually with orange paint) the route of your cabling. Consult your Yellow Pages for the numbers of other contractors.

Electra Ltd trades as Electra. We are owned by the Electra Trust.  All consumers on our network are beneficiaries of the Trust – that is all households and business in the Kapiti Horowhenua region.

You automatically become a beneficiary of the Electra Trust when you connect your property to the Electra network.

Electra provides Kapiti and Horowhenua electricity users (the beneficiaries of the Electra Trust) with regular price discounts.

You receive your price discount no matter which electricity retailer you use. The price discount is highlighted on your electricity bill.

Electra is able to give you these regular price discounts because of on-going efficiencies in the way we run our business.

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For an average household customer using 8000kWh of electricity per annum, Electra prices are in the lower third when comparing prices between all the network companies in New Zealand.

When our price discount is taken into account, Electra has amongst the lowest prices in New Zealand for an electricity lines company.

While the house wiring is being completed and service cabling laid, call your retailer and ask for a new connection. They will need your address and the number that’s on the pole or pillar that your house will connect to (the nearest power pole or pillar to your premises).

Read/download this document for more information.

They will organise the meters to be installed and connection made live. Some electricians can also help with these steps. Your electricity retailer can tell you how long it will take to get connected.

All connections to Electra’s network have an ‘installation control point’ (ICP) number. This number is unique to your house, farm or business and will appear on your electricity bill. The ICP also has an electricity retailer assigned to it and is recorded in a New Zealand wide registry.