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Being storm ready

Before a storm

  • Ensure all trees on your property are at least 1.5 metres away from powerlines.
  • Put together a safety kit that can be used in the event of a storm. Include a battery-operated radio, spare batteries, a first aid kit and torch.
  • Secure all outdoor furniture, including trampolines.

During a storm

  • Avoid low hanging or fallen powerlines, and anything that may have come into contact with them.

  • As a measure to prevent electric shocks during a storm –  unplug electrical appliances, steer clear of the landline telephone and don’t use any electrical appliances that are damaged or wet.

After a storm

  • Do not go near powerlines that have fallen or are hanging low and fences or trees touching them as they may be live with electricity.

  • Report any damage or outage to Electra’s emergencies and faults line: 0800 567 876

Get Prepared Checklist

Tick off the checklist below, to make sure you are well prepared ahead of storm season.

  1. Trees must be at least 1.5 metres from powerlines, use an Electra accredited tree surgeon to trim them back for you. Please do not attempt to do this yourself, as it can be extremely dangerous.

  2. Stay clear of powerlines that are damaged as they still conduct electricity. Report any issues to Electra on: 0800 567 876.

  3. Set up a safety kit.
    This is particularly important in case of blackouts. Basic items to include are a  battery-powered torch and radio, spare batteries and a first aid kit.

  4. Follow us on Facebook and stay charged.
    Before a storm, keep your cell phone or tablet battery charged so you can keep up to date with our live updates on Facebook.

  5. Reduce clutter in case of emergencies.
    Please do not obstruct Electra infrastructure like power poles, mini pillars and substations based on or around your property – so they may be easily accessed to restore your power quickly.