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Boating Safety Close to
Power Lines

Boating is a popular activity in the Kapiti Horowhenua district.

  • Make sure that you know the height of your aerials and masts above land when towing, and above water when sailing.
  • Check any land routes, launching and sailing areas for power lines or warning signs that describe where power lines or cables may be present.
  • Take action to avoid higher parts of your boat intruding into an unsafe distance from overhead lines and always heed the information on signs where these are displayed.
  • Remember, high voltage electricity can jump to your mast or aerial if they get near enough to a power line which can result in serious burns or death for you or those nearby.
  • If a boat mast has brought down the power lines around a car, the safest way to avoid electric shock is for occupants to stay in the car until help arrives.
  • They should only try to get away from the car if another urgent matter, such as a fire in the car, forces them to evacuate, they should jump well clear of the vehicle.