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Working outdoors

Be aware of the location of
overhead power lines before working outside.

  • Always check where overhead power lines and cables are situated before using an object like a pool skimmer or putting up a clothesline, TV antenna, or any tall object near your home. TV antennas must not be fixed above, or adjacent to, any power lines. For example, metal ladders are conductors of electricity. Anyone touching a ladder when it is touching a power line could receive an electric shock or be electrocuted. Wind, uneven ground or reaching to the side while on a ladder, could cause it to shift position and you could come into contact with an overhead power line.
  • Keep in mind the clearance requirements when undertaking house extensions and renovations, such as installing new windows or building a deck.
  • Before you do any work near power lines or underground cables, talk to Electra to identify any problems or to arrange to disconnect the supply. This work might be painting your house, trimming trees, cleaning guttering, replacing spouting or roofing, repairing chimneys or excavating a property. A fee may apply.
  • Flying kites near power lines is dangerous to the kite flyer and can disrupt power to other consumers. Keep clear of power lines when playing with kites or any toys that could touch an overhead power line. Use these toys in an open space such as a field or park.

Never touch overhead power lines, underground cables, or the bare conductors that connect them to the house, as this could be fatal.

If you have an interruption to supply of electricity please call 0800 LOST POWER 0800 567 876.