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Default Distributor Agreement

15 December 2020

Dear Retail Partner

Re: Electra’s Default Distributor Agreement and Consultation on Operational Terms

I wish to advise that Electra is developing a Default Distributor Agreement (DDA) and will be consulting on the operational terms contained within it, in accordance with Part 12A of the Electricity Industry Participation Code (Distributor agreements and arrangements), specifically clause 6(2) in Schedule 12A.4. 

 While developing its draft DDA (including proposed operational terms), Electra has:

  • Complied with the requirements set out in the Code and ensured that the DDA (including the operational terms) reflects current practice and is fit for the future.
  • The consultation process will assist the development of Electra’s DDA and Operational Terms. It is an opportunity to further enhance the effectiveness of the relationship and operational interaction we have with you which will ultimately benefit electricity consumers. 

 To get the most out of this opportunity we are seeking your engagement and input through our consultation process which will progress as follows:

We have set up a website for access to all Electra documents regarding the DDA process

Please contact me if you have any questions about our consultation process.

Yours faithfully



Mike Myhill
Network Customer & Operations Manager
Electra Limited

Electra DDA Consultation December 2020

Electra DDA December 2020v5 (word version)

Electra has published a word copy of its DDA.  Please note that minor changes have been made to the word version.  

  • Added pages numbers
  • Removed duplicate Defined Term on page 56