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Public Safety

Power lines and equipment
on private land

Electra owns the lines and equipment up to the point of supply, which is usually on the boundary of your property. Equipment on your side of the boundary is your responsibility. The point of supply is usually the fuse either at the top of the pole, or in a service pillar or service pit on the ground. If your service line serves others too – say, if you live down a right of way – then you may share ownership with the other property owners.

The property owner/s owns all equipment (poles, crossarms, insulators, lines, cables and pillars) on private property, except for a few items such as meters and hot water relays, which are the responsibility of your electricity retailer. At industrial, commercial or rural customer sites Electra generally owns and maintains the high voltage overhead lines/underground cables, switchgear and transformers on these properties.

If you would like further information about your responsibilities in relation to power lines, equipment and supply, please call Electra on 0800 567 876.

Please note – we do not survey consumer-owned lines. You must arrange to have your lines inspected and maintained by qualified electrical workers. It is important to ensure your lines are in good condition to protect your power supply.

If you have an interruption to supply of electricity please call 0800 LOST POWER 0800 567 876.

Safety Disconnections and Re Connections

Electra provides a safety disconnection and reconnection service for customers wanting to work safely around their service lines (e.g. to carry out painting around lines where they connect to the house, or for switchboard repairs).

Business hours are between 8.30 am and 4.40 pm and Saturday between 8.30am and 12 pm.

The disconnection service is provided to customers during normal business hours. If you require your house to be disconnected for someone to work near the service line, please call us on 0800 567 876.